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Rolling Road

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Rolling Road Empty Rolling Road

Post by R444SPY Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:05 am

Just been down to Perfect Touch in Hoddesdon, Herts. Was looking forward to getting my car on the rollers to give me a benchmark before heading down the Carlicious supercharge road. They told me that my car is too low agghhhh. They said I will need to raise it at least 50mm and also remove the front trays underneath. Does anyone know of any other Rolling Roads in the Herts area where suspension height doesn't matter? My V5 is lowered on JOM coilovers and has been dropped around 60mm. I know I can raise the car but if anyone knows of anywhere would be great.

They did get actually get my car on the rollers but had problems with the straps. As the rollers turned they were catching at the front underneath on the sub frame. Unless all rolling roads are the same then looks like I may have to raise the car unless someone knows of another rolling road that is different. It's just going to be a pain though as my current jack doesn't fit under the car so would have to buy a new one at around £50.

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Rolling Road Empty Re: Rolling Road

Post by Prof X Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:13 pm

I have a low access jack, but it still doesn't fit under my Golf.

I have to drive onto a couple of bits of wood first to give me the clearance to get my jack under.

You could try doing that for now.

Prof X

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